Oh, What Have I Done?

Yes, I have gotten myself into Japanese trouble.

Two weeks from today is the feast of Pentecost at church.  Part of the celebration is to have readings and/or prayers in various languages.  In fact, at church this weekend, they asked for people who speak languages other than English to volunteer to translate and read something aloud.

My wife turned to me and asked, “Are you going to offer to do something in Japanese?”

Of course not!  I might study my brains out, but I know I’m not ready for such a thing.

Then I got am email from the liturgy director.

“Hi.  I hear that you’ve studied Japanese…”

Now, first of all, how did that get out?  Yes, I know I blog about it, but I’m pretty the liturgy director isn’t reading my blog.  Did my wife say anything?  No, I’m sure she didn’t.

Anyway, for some strange reason, I said I would have a go at it if they got it too me early so I could get help translating it, double check the translation, and practice and practice and practice and practice reading it out loud.

Oh, my Cafetalk tutor Makisan is going to have her work cut out for her for the next couple of weeks!  I usually get the 50 minute lesson, but she also offers and 80 minute lessons.  I think I might need one of those next week.

Wish me luck!  I didn’t have this sort of thing in mind when I started this crazy journey!




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