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So, this week’s homework is hard…I actually haven’t quite figured out what to do on page one yet, so I kind of skipped over it for the moment and did some of the rest of it, but my Cafetalk lesson with Makisan is tomorrow, so I kind of have to figure that page out today and get it done.  Good luck to me.

I am using memrise for learning the chapter vocabulary, and memrise has this feature where you can set a learning goal for each day.  In order to meet that goal, you have to earn points.  As you study, you get more points for each question you answer correctly.  Sometimes, I run out of reviews well before I earn enough points for the day.  I don’t want to start learning vocabulary for the next chapter just yet, so I switch to learning the Kanji.

Sometimes, the Kanji make no sense to me at all.  Other times, though, Phase one of the Hacking Japanese Supercourse comes to the rescue.  Here are a couple of examples:

音 = sound = おと

道 = road = みち

機会 = きかい (In Phase 1 of the supercourse, you learn 2200 individual Kanji.  Back then I learned that 機 was “mechanism” so remembering that 機会 is “machine” isn’t hard.)

These Kanji were old friends by the time I learned that actual Japanese words that they go with, and there are other examples even in this one chapter.  The three months that I spent learning those Kanji were definitely not wasted time.

Anyway, my actual job is awaiting me.  When lunchtime comes I’ll see if I can figure out page one of my 宿題 (homework) and get a little more practice in.  I also intend to do a little more writing in Japanese (or, should I say, attempting to write in Japanese?) because it’s really helpful.  I don’t get much opportunity to speak Japanese, so writing is my best learning aid at the moment.

Learning vocabulary, grammar, Kanji, etc is not only important but necessary.  The thing is, though, having those parts is a lot like having a box of Legos.  The point is to put them together to make something, and writing lets me do that in a concrete way.




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