Some of This Week’s Homework



And, here’s my breakdown so you know what I was trying to say!

この課は難しいです。 This chapter is difficult.  (As you can see, I have reverted back to the polite form for this entry.)

とても難しいです. It is very difficult.

23課は勉強しています。 I am studying Chapter 23.  I went for the -ています form here instead of the just 勉強します to get that present progressive ongoing action feel.

123ページの地図があります。 There is a map on page 123.  Back when I was doing the “learn the kanji” thing, I learned 図 is “map” so, when I finally learned the word 地図, remembering it as “map” as 朝飯前.  (I haven’t used the word 朝飯前 in a long time – something so easy it can be done before breakfast.  その言葉が大好きです!)

学校と歯医者と公園と銀行とスーパーと信号と端と駅があります。There is a school, a dentist, a park, a bank, a supermarket, a stoplight, a bridge, and a train station.  I was listing all the buildings, so I used と instead of や.  Also, you sound silly in English if you put “and” after every single item on a list, but you’re wrong if you don’t do it in Japanese.  面白い。

質問があります。 There are questions.  Okay, I really wanted to combine this sentence with the next one and say something like, “You have to answer question like:” but I don’t know how to do that.  Also, this sentence is plural just because it is, even though you can’t tell by looking at the Japanese.

例えば:銀行までどうやって行きますか。 For example: How do you get  to the bank? You are actually supposed to start all of your answers at the station.   Here we get the interesting word どうやって which is “how” in the sense of “in what way”.

「簡単でしょう」と思いました。I thought, “This will be easy.”  でしょう for the “will be” instead of です for “is”.  でしょう has, I guess, a kind of uncertainty to it that です does not have.

違います!It is different.  Okay, that’s being kind of literal.  In this case I am hoping that it has the sense of, “It isn’t easy.  I was wrong about that one!”  Perhaps I should have put it in the past tense…

Anyway, that’s a piece of my homework for this week, and it isn’t going to finish itself, so I guess I’d better get back to it.



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