…and more grammar

Since I put these sentences up yesterday, I thought I would put up the answers today:

Mr. Santos did not come to the party.


Things are expensive in Japan.


The sea around Okinawa was beautiful.


Today is my birthday.


I think it will rain tomorrow.


The prime minister said that he would go to the U.S.A. next month.


This is a cake Mr. Miller made.


That man who is over there is Mr. Miller.


I have forgotten the words I learned yesterday.


I have no time to go shopping.


When you borrow books from the library, you need a card.



Now, first, you might notice that I have left off the last sentence.  That’s because I need to study some more vocabulary and grammar before I get to it.  Also, I don’t want to give a false impression.  Don’t get the idea that I simply looked at these sentences and the translations just flowed out of my brain, because that is definitely not how it was.

I hemmed and hawed over some of these things, wrote some of them and rewrote some of them.  There were a couple that I just looked at and got, but that was not the norm!

I never said Japanese would be easy, I just said it would be doable!  Hey, if it was too easy, where would the sense of accomplishment be?




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