Grammar Grammar Grammar

Just to give you a good idea exactly where I’m at, I am going back through the last few chapters of みんなの日本語 and translating sentences into Japanese. Here are the ones I am working on now:


Mr. Santos did not come to the party.

Things are expensive in Japan.

The sea around Okinawa was beautiful.

Today is my birthday.

I think it will rain tomorrow.

The prime minister said that he would go to the U.S.A. next month.

This is a cake Mr. Miller made.

That man who is over there is Mr. Miller.

I have forgotten the words I learned yesterday.

I have no time to go shopping.

When you borrow books from the library, you need a card.

Push this button and change will come out.


Does this look like fun? This is basically just a way to practice various grammar forms. I have a whole new set after I finish this one. I have also run through the vocabulary for Chapter 23 (and am reviewing the vocabulary for Chapter 22).

Later on this evening I have to do some painting around the house (an activity at which I am quite unskilled) and I will be looking for some audio to listen to so that I can get a little Japanese practice in. to the rescue!


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