Noun Modification

Oh, boy, the sentence are getting more complex.

That’s not a complaint, by the way. I can make lots of baby sentences in Japanese. A subject, a verb, maybe and adjective or adverb or two. Great. Now I am getting into “noun modification by sentences”.

Say what?

Let’s look at basic noun modification.

映画 = movie

面白い英語 = an interesting movie

That’s very basic, right?

Now, though, I’m working using phrases as modifiers instead of single words.

Like this:


The movie that I saw last week was interesting. すごい!

Or how about:


The company where he works is big.

Now, I am going to attempt to construct the following sentence.  Whether I get it wrong or right, I will leave it as is.  If I get it wrong, I’ll post the correction.

There was a cat in the house where Mr. Miller lived.

(I am actually laughing as I think about attempting to say that in Japanese!)

Here we go.  I have to build this one in pieces

ミラーさんが住んでいた家 should be “the house where Mr. Miller lived”

猫がい should be “there was a cat”

Now I need a particle to connect them.  I’m going to go with で.


Time to check the book:

My answer:      ミラーさんが住んでいた家で猫がいた。

Book answer:   ミラーさんが住んでいた家猫がいました

Well, I got the particle wrong.  Darn it.  I don’t count the verb as a mistake.  I used the plain form and the book used the polite form.  I’m okay with that.  Still, I got the rest of it write, and that’s something.

So, now more and more complicated sentences becomes possible, and I may begin to sound less and less like a reading primer and more and more like a person who actually speaks a language.

Now, I am really just learning how to say these things. I don’t have them figured out just yet (obviously!), but that’s what homework is for, right? And I’ve got homework to do.

I am on Chapter 22 of my 25 chapter textbook, so a celebration is approaching!



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