Chapter 21

As it turns out, this chapter of Minna no Nihongo (Chapter 21, if you’re keeping count) isn’t that difficult. This is a relief, since the last chapter kind of gave me fits.

This chapter is about:

Expressing Conjecture, as in, “I think it will rain tomorrow.”

Expressing One’s Opinion, as in, “I think that prices are high in Japan.” (Don’t blame me. That is the actual example sentence.

To be honest, I don’t see a whole lot of difference between those two, but it doesn’t matter because the form is the same, so I don’t have to know the difference!

To indicate that someone said something, as in, “Mir. Miller said, “I will go to Tokyo on a business trip next week.”

Which is almost identical to the first two things on the list. You just have to change one word. Nice.

Opinion questions as in “It was cold in Hokkaido, wasn’t it?” This is the kind of question where you are rather expecting an affirmative answer.

How to indicate where an event will occur. “The game will be in Tokyo.”

How to indicate when an action takes place on a certain occasion as in,”I gave my opinion at the meeting.”

How to give an example out of things of the same kind. “Shall we have a beer or something?”

A different way to say that someone has to do something.

Now, I know that sounds like an awful lot of stuff, but, for some reason, this batch isn’t as bad as it sounds. If discovered this as I was doing my homework. There is really a lot of overlap between some of these items, and some of the others are really simple.

Simple?! かんたん?! You mean there’s something simple about Japanese.

Well, yeah.

Actually, there are quite a few things about Japanese that are simple.

As I have said many times before, learning Japanese isn’t hard. Making yourself put in the consistent daily effort required to learn Japanese is what’s hard.



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