Cafetalk Update

I have made no secret of the fact (it would be kind of counterproductive to blog about something and then makes secrets of the facts, wouldn’t it?) that one of the best tools I have ever used for language learning is Cafetalk.

I don’t suppose that every tutor on Cafetalk is equally good, and I don’t suppose that every tutor is perfect for every student, so I imagine that you have to hunt around a bit.

If you check out the main page, you will see that they are giving people a chance to try out Japanese lessons for free.  (ただ – our favorite word).  If you’ve been thinking about trying it out, now is a great time.

Just to be clear, I don’t get anything from Cafetalk for mentioning it here on the blog.  I pay for my lessons just like anybody else, and I don’t earn anything from them for sending traffic their way.  It’s just that I have learned a ton from my Cafetalk lessons, and I figure you can to.  It took some of the frustration out of learning Japanese, because I have someone to go to with questions, to practice speaking with, and so on.

I got some free Cafetalk lessons which I blogged about, and I learned so much from them that I decided to continue with lessons even after they weren’t free anymore.

Speaking of lessons, my homework isn’t going to do itself, so I’d better get back to it.



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