Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

You know what happens when you don’t pay attention to details? You miss stuff.

And, by the way, I’m not even talking about a little detail here. I’m talking about something HUGE that I simply overlooked and that would have been nice and helpful all along…

I am using Memrise to learn vocabulary for みんなの日本語 1. Now, the book has 25 chapters, but the vocabulary lesson on Memrise has 50. For some utterly unexplainable reason (I’m a doofus) I simply assumed that the final 25 lessons were repeats of the first 25 but going from English to Japanese instead of Japanese to English.


Today, finished with lesson 20, I decided to look ahead to lesson 26 and see what it was all about. All of the words in lesson 26 were, indeed, present in lesson 1, but it wasn’t about reversing the order of the languages. It was about 漢字!

The first book includes Kanji but really stresses hiragana, so the lessons are primarily in hiragana, but then the course repeats all of the lessons, going from hiragana to Kanji!


I could have been hitting the Kanji hard all this time! Yes, I know a lot of the Kanji already, thanks to Phase 1 of the Hacking Japanese Supercourse, but I don’t know all of these words in Kanji, and I could have if I had only checked out the last half of this course earlier!


By the way, a cool thing about Memrise is that, If you are using it on a mobile device, you can download an entire course so that you don’t have to have an internet connection to work on it.

The bad thing is that your mobile device won’t always synch automatically when you do get a connection, so sometimes you have to log out and then log back in to get it to synch. This is merely a minor annoyance.

So, I just added some stuff to my studies.



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