Why? Why? Why?

I had another one of those, “why on earth am I learning this language!” days yesterday. This came as I was writing out conjugations of verbs to fill in a chart.

First, I learned the polite conjugations. You know those guys, right? -増す、-ません、-ました、-ませんでした. I’ve been using them for months.

Now, I am learning the plain conjugations: -う、-ない、-た、-なかった.

I filled out a whole chart full of those guys, and then I turned the page and what did I find? Another chart, this one full of adjectives to conjugate: -い、-くない、-かった、-くなかった.

Whew! It was at this point, trying to keep the various conjugations straight in my head, that I asked myself for the zillionth time, “Why on earth am I learning this language?!”

Well, because I want to. That’s really it. I don’t have any external motivation, really. I just want to.

Keep in mind that this moment of frustration doesn’t mean that I am giving up.  I wrote the above words yesterday, and, this morning, as I refilled my glass of tea, I said, 「冷たい紅茶だ。」  Did you notice the use of the plain verb there?  Woohoo!

I would just like to confirm that, from the standpoint of a native English speaker, Japanese is, in fact, a crazy language.  It is also a lot of fun to learn and is absolutely learnable.  (I don’t think “learnable” is actually a word, but, what they heck, you get the idea.)




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