More Review Time

It’s too easy to get going in the textbook and watch the chapter numbers click by like mile markers on the highway.  The problem is that you actually need to remember all of that stuff from the previous chapters, and sometimes that means slowing (or even stopping) the advance.  That’s what I did last week.

In the last few weeks I’ve run into all kinds of verb forms and all kinds of similar concepts:

You may do this…

It is prohibited to do that…

May I do the other thing…

You have to do this whether you want to or not…

You don’t have to do that…



This week, though, it is all about the casual form of conversation.  I’m looking forward to that.  You mean, you can can actually speak Japanese without です?!!!

Unfortunately, last week life kind of got in the way of Japanese, but I’m back at it this week.

I think I still need to do a little reviewing, though…

Don’t let yourself get Japanese fatigue but keep at it!




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