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It was time to write a little bit of Japanese again.  As always, I don’t promise that it is all grammatically perfect, but I hope that it is understandable.  A little bit later today I will break it down.  (That is, after I do my memrise vocabulary and my anki vocabulary…and then I will study some grammar, if I can find the time!)

It’s later, but I found the time (and I fixed a typo that was in the original paragraph).

昨日いいてんぢでした、- yesterday, the weather was good

でも強い風が吹いていました。- but a strong wind was blowing (here we have one of the grammar structures that I have learned recently: 吹いて     いました – the dreaded て-form (ARGH! There’s the song playing in my head again!) followed by some form of います, which is the equivalent of the –ing form in English

自転しに乗りました。- I went for a bike ride (okay, okay, it really says bike rode) – I had to think about it to figure out which particle I should use there – ni or de. Aren’t particles fun?

10マイル(16キロ)に乗りました。- I rode 10 miles (16 kilometers). I figured I might as well make it international by throwing km in there. (Really, of course, it is 10miles rode with that ni in there once more. As a particle, ni is definitely a multi-tasker.)

今日はよい感じます – now, I feel good  (A true statement.)

が体の一部ーない私の足ー痛いです、- but, part of my body – not my legs – hurts.  (Also a true statement, and due to the fact that the weather has been quite cold this year so far, so I haven’t ridden much.)

今日も強い風が吹いています。- Today, also, there is a strong wind blowing

今日も自転しに乗ります。- Today, also, I will ride my bike

乗って、水を飲んで、シャワーを浴びて。- I will ride, then I will drink water, then I will take a shower. (Okay, you don’t need to know about me taking a shower, but I was trying to find a way to work in both recently learned grammar (stringing sequential verbs together using the てform) and new vocabulary (like シャワーを浴びて)

あなたは自転しに乗りますか。- Do you ride a bicycle? (You have to love how easy it is to turn a statement into a question in Japanese!)

散歩しま すか。- Do you take walks?

ジョギングをしますか。- Do you jog?

運動がよいです。- Exercise is good.


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