I love it when readers share the resources they’ve found!

Courtesy of Nahcirn:

On the topic of YouTube videos for learning Japanese, my favourite are by a channel called Nihongonomori (日本語の森). ..However, there’s one series by Steve-sensei about basic Japanese grammar, and its in English. Steve is hilarious, and really great at explaining things. His English is also at about the level of a native speaker.

I checked out the channel.  You can find it here.  It contains a variety of stuff from advanced (日本語で) to beginner (英語で).  There are JLPT 1-5 videos, reading comprehension, all kinds of things.  Lots of them are nutty and fun.  Have a look.

Here is a video by Steve-sensei that Nihcrin included as an example.  それはすごいビデオです!

I am going to be spending some time running through these videos.  This is great stuff.  Where else can you see a guy wearing a chicken head conversing in two languages?




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