Japan Society

I have been remiss in not posting about the excellent videos from the Japan Society.  These videos take you through various things like telling time, days of the week, verb conjugations, etc.

They are really short, just a few minutes long, but they pack a lot of learning into a short time.  If you are an advanced speaker of Japanese, they won’t help you, but, for the rest of us, they are a nice resource.

You can check them out here.



One thought on “Japan Society

  1. On the topic of YouTube videos for learning Japanese, my favourite are by a channel called Nihongonomori (日本語の森).

    Most of their videos are a little advanced, entirely in Japanese (yet still pretty easy to understand).

    However, there’s one series by Steve-sensei about basic Japanese grammar, and its in English. Steve is hilarious, and really great at explaining things. His English is also at about the level of a native speaker. Here’s one of his videos where he talks about some of the differences between English and Japanese: https://youtu.be/WYlYITLOycM?list=PLINFE8v4DOhsfuFTeqAOKMkNRJtr3orXl


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