Some Practice

私の宿題は面白くて難しいです。ないー形を勉強します。ちょっとややこしいですでもとても有用です。とこどこ(今)混乱しています.どう私は日本語を話したいですか。難しいですから! 今日天気は素晴らしいです。仕事のあとで自転しに乗りたいです。宿題をしたくないです!でも宿題は終わっていません。大変ですね。

Now, I have no doubt that the above could be stated better.  I’m still a beginner, after all, and I definitely don’t claim to be fluent or grammatically correct!  On the other hand, I think (hope!) that the above is comprehensible.

I jotted this down on my 昼休み (lunch break) and  I don’t have time to break it down right now, but I’ll do that later for my own practice and for anyone who can’t figure out what I was trying to say (either because their level of Japanese isn’t quite up to it or because my own level of Japanese wasn’t actually up to writing what I was trying to write).



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