Study Time

You have to fit your studying in when you can, which is why I find myself, at around 10 pm, trying to learn vocabulary on memrise.  Because 10 pm is late for me, the vocabulary isn’t really sticking, and that’s a bit ironic, since the first word on the list is “to remember” and the second word “to forget”, both of which are followed up by “to worry”.  Fun chapter, huh?

Actually, it will be a fun chapter, because now I am (or, rather, after I learn the vocabulary, I will be) taking my first steps into informal Japanese.

I prefer the word informal, though some books (and websites) seem to prefer nonpolite.  But “nonpolite” just sound…well, rude.

However you slice it, I am beginning to learn how to be nonpolite in Japanese, and, fittingly, my first nonpolite form is the negative form – the ない-form of verbs.  I haven’t really gotten to the grammar yet, as I am struggling with the vocabulary, but I’ll get there.

And I have to review.  *sigh*.  I was trying to remember how to say something yesterday that I knew I should know how to say…but it has slipped away.  それをわすれました.  Hey, I remembered which verb means “to forget”.  I don’t know if I constructed that sentence correctly, but I recalled a vocabulary word, so be happy for any sign of progress!

This week I am Chapter 17 of my 25 chapter textbook.

We continue to make progress!





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