An Anki Audio Tip

Once again a nice reader has shared a tip.

When I study my anki vocabulary, I turn the sound down, try to read the kanji and then turn the sound up and replay the audio.  Very tedious.  Here’s how to fix that, courtesy of autum369:

If you go to Anki via desktop computer [and select a deck], you can click on ‘Options’ at the bottom of the Anki window, then go to ‘General’ in the menu that appears. From there you can uncheck ‘Automatically play audio’ and when you’re studying and a card is shown to you, you’ll only hear the audio if you click on ‘play’… I’ve found that you can’t access that particular options menu via phone or tablet. Of course, once you do set it, the options get synced across your devices.

I did it this morning, and boy does it make things less tedious!

Thanks for the help!






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