Can I just say that I am very tired of the て form song?  I have not looked ahead to the next chapter of みんなの日本語, but I hope it isn’t about the て form.

Yes, the て form is important and amazingly useful – commands (made polite with ください, of course), continuing actions, habitual actions, states arising from a past event, requesting permission to do something, giving permission to do something, issuing prohibitions against doing something…all very important stuff.

But I can’t stop stinging the て form song while converting verbs to the て form, and it is driving me bonkers!

Still, I have some homework to (re)do.

So…because misery loves company…but I’m warning you, DON’T click on this video if you don’t want the て form song stuck in your head.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…



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