Check It Out!

I got the most remarkable gift from a very very nice person.  It arrived in the mail and, before I even opened it, it was obviously a book.  Being an American, I opened it the wrong way around and the first thing that I saw was the back of the book:

book back.jpgAnd I said, “Hey, it’s Chihiro!”

Now, obviously, I should have said, “ああ、千尋です!” but, you can’t have everything.

Then realizing that I was looking at the back of the book, I flipped it over:

book frontAnd it is a book of “Spirited Away”, the first Studio Ghibli film that I ever saw.  (If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and go find it.  It is a wonderful movie and a visual treat.)

So, let’s take a look inside, shall we?


Yep.  Lovely Stuido Ghibli artwork and lots and lots of Japanese.  A gorgeous book and all the reading practice I could ask for. And, if you look at the pages above carefully, you will notice that it has furigana!

I flipped it open to the beginning of the story, and the first sentence that I read was:  千尋、千尋、もうすぐだよ! Holy cow, I can read the first sentence! Excellent!

Do you know why I can read the first sentence?  Because the first sentence of Yotsubato! is: もうすぐだぞ…Well, that looks kind of familiar to me…

All in all, I am completely blown away by such a wonderful gift.  Reading practice with a great story.  When you are learning a language, you often have to read stuff that isn’t very interesting just for the practice, so is a treat to have a chance to tackle some reading I really like.

Not that I’m giving up on Yotsubato! mind you.  After all, it taught me the first sentence of my new book, right?

Find fun stuff!





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