It Goes Faster and Faster

The sentences continue to get more complicated.  I have wound my way down the tortuous path leading toward correct use of adjectives, but this week comes (dramatic music please) Chapter 14…more about verbs.

I would like to reiterate at this point that the best thing I have done to move me toward speaking Japanese is Cafetalk.  My lessons there have helped me so much more than anything else that there is just no comparison.  I get to speak Japanese, listen to Japanese, practice Japanese, ask questions about Japanese and have fun on top of it all.

The sentences continue to get more and more complex, too, which is very cool.  For example, now I know how to make sentences likes, “I want to go to the city to go shopping” or “I want to go to Japan to study Japanese”.  We have gone beyond simple, “This is an apple” or “The apple is red” type sentences.

Things like this – seeing my progress – get me so excited about learning the language.  Last week I just wasn’t motivated.  I’ll be honest, I let some things slide.  I did get my homework done…well, yesterday!…but I reenergized now because the lesson toedya was so much fun and really showed me how much had learned.

Sometimes it’s the little things – not just being to say “I have been doing this one month” but “I have been doing this for about one month”.  Being able to tell time and not just 9:00pm but 9:37pm.  Thinking back to my conversation with Makisan this morning and realizing how little English I really used.

I’m just like everybody else – I need to be motivated to continue my studies sometimes.  Ultimately, the main motivation has to come from inside you – your desire to learn the language has to be the main motivation, but sometimes we all need a little kick in the pants, and my lesson today gave me that kick after a blah sort of week.

Now, this week…Verbs.  Okay, I know the ます form, postive and negative, present and past, but this week it is the て form, which means I am going to learn commands, how to say things like “Fred is going to the store now” or “It is raining” instead of just “It rains” and a few other things as well.

One of the great things is that it is starting to snowball a little bit.

What I means is that, in the beginning, each little thing that you learn is a piece unto itself.  Eventually you get a few pieces and can start to put them together in simple ways.

At some point, though, you sort of reach a critical mass where each new pieces actually creates several new possibilities instead of just one new possibility.  After a certain point, it seems like the rate of learning speeds up.

It’s fun.

And the satisfaction you get from it is its own reward.

If you aren’t there yet, stick with it.  You will be.





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