Just Enough Japanese…

I got a good laugh today.  I know a guy who speaks Japanese, and we were talking recently in (what passes for) Japanese.  His vocabulary is much larger than mine, though I, perhaps, have a better grasp of grammar than he does.

The grammar that I know, I know reasonably well.  However, the grammar that I know is rather a small fraction of the whole, but I think that he has an exaggerated idea of how good my Japanese is.

He recently sent me a message (英語で) by email, and, appended to that, is a message (日本語で) from a Japanese relative of his which I am going to attempt to unravel.

What I have learned with written Japanese is this:  if you send someone even a very basic message but it is in Kanji, they will immediately think that your grasp of Japanese is much better than is.  The use of even a small amount of basic Kanji is apparently very impressive.

Now, I don’t have anything against impressing people, but when the result if a flood of Kanji coming back your way, you have given yourself a challenge learning experience that is likely to frustrate the life out of you help you get better with Japanese.

Wish me luck figuring this message out!



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