Is It Fun?

Do you like studying Japanese?  I’m not asking if every single second of it is pleasurable.  There are aspects of it that I don’t really enjoy all that much, to be absolutely honest, but I do really enjoy being able to say even the simplest thing, and I have to study in order to do that.

例えば (for example), I talk to my dog in Japanese sometimes.  Today, I was able to say to her, これから私たちは散歩します (in a while, we’ll go for a walk).  (It is better to say this to her in Japanese, since she knows the phrase “go for a walk” in English and it gets her all worked up.  I was proud of myself for calling up this phrase on the spur of the moment.  That’s fun.  (楽しいです。)

Japanese adjectives are almost like a toy to me.  They are fun to play with.  The current chapter of みんなの日本語 is about past tense adjectives, both positive and negative.  Today being Saturday, and me happening to have some extra free time today for various reasons, I am going to play with adjectives.

This is my plan.  I am going to go through the list of adjectves that I know and, for each one, make sentences:  nonpast positive and negative, past positive and negative, adjectives before the noun they modify and after the noun they modify, adjectives strung together in a series.

Fun, right?

Okay, so it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it, and it will be of invaluable help when I actually try to do it in the real word, i.e. in conversation.

So, that’s my study plan for the day.

What’s yours?




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