Some Changes

I am beginning to wonder if I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew..

Now, don’t get discouraged. I’m not talking about learning Japanese. I can do that. I was talking, more specifically, about vocabulary. I have been using Memrise to learn study vocabulary for みんなの日本語, but I have also been using the Nihongoshark preloaded vocabulary deck.

That deck is a treasure trove of words and sentences, and it’s a great thing, but I have been starting to fall behind on the deck because of the time I’m devoting to Memrise and other parts of learning Japanese.

So…what to do…

After some consideration, I think that my focus still needs to be on my weekly Cafetalk lessons, which means みんなの日本g, so I am seriously considering actually starting the Nohongoshark deck all over again. (I don’t view this as a step backwards because I am hitting the other vocabulary hard.)

We have to make these adjustments and keep moving forward, right?

Oh, but here’s a plus. I ran into a guy the other day who knows some Japanese because it is his mother’s native language. We chatted a bit about learning Japanese, and, as he was leaving, he suddenly switched to Japanese and we had this little conversation:

Him: お茶が好きですか。(Do you like Japanese tea?”

Me: お茶が大好きです! (Yeah, I like it a lot!)

Him: ほんとう? (Really?)

Me: ほんとう。 (Really.)

Now, this is clearly a very short and incredibly simply conversation, so perhaps there isn’t much to be proud of there, but what I am pleased about is that the first sentence came at me totally unexpectedly, but the answer just tumbled out of my mouth almost without thought. My mouth was speaking Japanese without waiting for my brain to catch up, and, as simply as the exchange was, that was a really cool thing.

This Sunday, I will have my first Skype session with a Japanese guy who is learning English.  I’m nervously looking forward to that.  I am going on the assumption that he is as nervous as I am.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it helps me to be less nervous!

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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