Here’s the great thing about Memrise (aside from the fact that you can use it ただ[free], which is always good): it will bring up words that you learned quite some time ago and were certain were fixed in your brain permanently.  Here, if you’re anything like me, is what you learn from that:  they weren’t fixed in your brain permanently.

So, why don’t I remember those words that I went to so much trouble to learn?  Because I didn’t learn them, I just memorized them.  In order for them to pass from memorized to learned, I have to use them., and just talking to myself isn’t doing to do it.

So, what do I plan to do?

Language exchange, that’s what.  There are plenty of them out there.  I have connected by email with a guy in Japan who is learning English, and we are going to meet up via Skype.  We’ll talk some in English and I will correct him, and we will talk some in Japanese and he will correct me.

そしてただです。すごいです! (And it’s free.  Cool!)

Study is crucial if you want to learn the language, but, once you have studied a certain amount, practice is crucial as well, and, while I can plenty of study time, I need more practice.

If you think learning Japanese is difficult, consider this:  People were learning Japanese 50 years ago without the aid of Skype, google translate, online textbooks, Memrise, Cafetalk and all of the other wonderful aids we have now.

If they could do it (and they did!) without all the shiny toys we have available now, what excuse do we have?  None!  So let’s do it!




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