All Caught Up

Well, there it is.  After what you might not quite call a disastrous couple of weeks, Anki avalanche is wiped out, memrise is up to speed, I am actually studying what I am supposed to be studying for my lesson this week, and all is well.


In other words, everything is actually back to normal study-wise.  いいですね.

I was so wrapped up in getting caught up instead of just keeping my head above water, that I didn’t even request my Cafetalk lesson until today because I totally forgot about it.  I was printing out the worksheets to do them (a little late in the week, but, hey, it’s been that kind of a week) when I suddenly remembered and reserved the lesson time.  I haven’t heard back from my tutor confirming the lesson yet, but, given the time difference, I’m not expecting to hear back until tomorrow.

You study a minimal amount every day and still fall behind.  I have been living proof of that over the last couple of weeks.  Don’t let that happen to you!  If you do, you may well be tempted to quit or to trick yourself with this one:  “Oh, I’ll just reset everything and start over.”  You probably won’t start over.  Or, if you do, thinking of all the time you have lost will probably depress you to the point that you quit “just for a little while”.

For most people, quitting “just for a little while” usually means quitting for good or quitting for such a long time that you have forgotten everything and really do have to start all over.  And then will you start all over?

Maybe, but it’s a very weak maybe, because you’ll thinking about how much you knew once upon a time, and starting over will be harder than starting the first time.

Don’t fall into that trap.  If you fall behind, DON’T QUIT!  Keep pushing forward and don’t get discouraged.  If I can do this, you can do this, and I am doing it, so there you go.



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