The Holidays Are Over

It’s good to be back on track again.

Over the holidays, we traveled and visited family. Study opportunities were difficult to come by and quiet was impossible to come by, so even when there was a chance to study, it had to be done in less than ideal conditions.

One of the important things to remember is that, the earlier you are in your studies, the more important consistency is. Don’t get me wrong: consistency is always important, but it is even more important when you are earlier in your studies.

Think of it is this way: in the beginning, the learning curve is steepest. If you aren’t climbing up the curve, you aren’t maintaining, you are sliding back down that steep slope. As you learn more and the learning curve begins to flatten a bit, you don’t slide back down it as fast.

This last week or so, I feel like I slid backwards, not because I didn’t study but because I didn’t study well. Today, with things finally back to normal, I will try to study a little extra, and I will confess to you my great failing:

I haven’t keep up with my Anki vocabulary cards for the last several days!!!


And, if you have used Anki, you know what that means: Anki Avalanche! (There really should be some dramatic music playing right there.) It will take me a couple of days to dig myself out of that particular hole, especially since, with the time I have available today, I intend to study みんなの日本語の十一課 (Chapter 11 from Minna no Nihongo, right?) as well as my memrise vocabulary, since that is みんなの日本語の specific.

The take home lesson from all of this is that, although I did study at least some every day, I didn’t manage to get everything done that I wanted to, so I feel like I fell behind. On top of all of that, I was unable to have my Cafetalk lesson last week, so I didn’t get to speak to anyone in Japanese. That didn’t help me much.

But I did study, and, rather than spend any more time bemoaning what I didn’t get done last week, I’m getting back to work. You can’t let setbacks bother you. You just have to get back to work.



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