Sing…Sing a Song…

During my last lesson on Cafetalk, I asked my tutor, Makisan, about Japanese songs.  When I was learning Spanish, one of the things that helped me was learning the lyrics to songs and then singing along.

There is a downside to this.  Song lyrics won’t always be pronounced in a natural way and won’t always be constructed the way spoken sentences are, but, if you’re musically inclined, it can be a fun to get some words into your head an mouth.

Now, the fact is, I don’t know very many Japanese songs or groups, and I’m having trouble finding ones that I like.  A lot of Japanese pop music is on the techno or house music side, that that’s a style that simply doesn’t appeal to me, and you aren’t likely to get very far by doing a search for “Japanese groups that sound like ______________” (fill in the blank with your favorite group from your own country).

I did stumble across a Japanese group called “Southern All Stars.”  (No, I don’t know why a Japanese group has a name like that in English.)  I have posted a video of one of their songs, Tsunami.

So, Makisan gave me a copy of the lyrics to Tsunami.  We are going to talk about them at our next lesson.  (This isn’t a deviation from my normal study plan.  I also did this week’s chapter from みんなの日本語。)  The song is in addition to my normal studying.

I suppose we’ll go over the lyrics, define words, look at structure, all that sort of thing.  I don’t suppose I’ll be getting out my keyboard and accompanying us as we sing a duet.

It just goes to show, though, that there are always fun ways to vary your normal studying.  You just have to find them.


In case you don’t know, the title is a reference to a children’s song that is very well known in the US:



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