For Everyone To See

 Italki has a free language exchange feature. You can write something and post it as what it called a notebook entry in the language that you are learning, and other users will then correct what you have written and comment on it. (Which is scary stuff!) In return, you should find notebook entries written in your native language and correct them for others. That way everybody benefits.

Well, I had a go at it, with this entry:



And, I will be honest with you, I was pretty darn pleased with it, thinking I had done a pretty good job. Someone added corrections before it had been up an hour, and this is what I got back:



Well, okay, then! I’m a bit disappointed, but grateful that someone took the time to add the corrections. Mind you, I still have to figure out what all of the corrections mean. Some of them are easy because they are correcting things I shouldn’t have messed up on, but others are hard.

She very kindly added this: 面白いお話しですね!along with some comments that I haven’t quite worked out the meaning of yet. Now I need to go through the corrections and figure them all out.

She also very kindly finished off with がんばってくださいね!If you don’t recognize this, perhaps you would recognize it this way: 頑張ってください!This is encouragement which I really appreciate.

So, my tasks for the day:

Review the Kanji and Vocabulary decks in anki

Review vocabulary on memrise

And, as time permits:

Work on my 十課の宿題 (Chapter 10 homework) for my next Cafetalk lesson

Work on the lyrics to Tsunami for my next Cafetalk lesson

Figure out the corrections to my notebook entry above








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