Cafetalk and Motivation

My latest Cafetalk lesson with Makisan was this morning, and I was just not quite with it today. Between a rough week just past, anticipation of a rough week coming up and being a little under the weather, my Japanese was not up to even my usual low level, but it was a great lesson nonetheless.

There was one set of exercises where you had to fill in the blank with the proper word (どんな、どう、どうして、どなた、どれ、どこ), and it was just hard. Now, as it turned out, for all my hesitation, I only missed one of those, which was a nice boost.

Makisan is a great teacher. She explains things well and is very patient and encouraging, and, as always, she expanded on the exercises by asking me questions. The lessons are really a treat. If only every class I had ever taken was so fun!

Next week I will study 10課 (chapter 10). I have already learned the vocabulary and will hit the exercises soon, but we are also going to look at some song lyrics and study them. I love music, and finding some Japanese language songs to sing along with will help. We are going to start with Tsumani by the Southern All-Stars.

I wish I could speak Japanese with someone patient every day. I would get better in leaps and bounds. One of these days I will have a lesson with Makisan during which I will use no English. That’s a goal, right there. In the meantime, I am going to speak Japanese as much as possible (to myself) and even answer people in Japanese (in my head) whenever I can. Use it, use it, use it, use it. To start with, I’m going to find a Japanese radio station streaming and listen to it.

You will have up days and down days just like I do. Today is a down day, but I’m still excited about Japanese. That’s another benefit of my Cafetalk lessons – having to have my homework ready gives me a schedule, and the lessons are so motivating that, even if I’m having a down day, the lesson picks me up and sets me back on track.

As I write this, I am listening to Tsunami.  I like the original (which I posted previously) a lot, but, as a diehard guitarist, I also really dig this instrumental version by The Ventures with Bob Bogle on lead guitar.  No, it won’t help you learn Japanese, but I still like it.

Oh, and 頑張って


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