今週の宿題 (this week’s homework) is finished.  My next class with my Cafetalk tutor is two days away.  What do I do?  Let it slide?

Definitely not.

What I do is review.

Of course, I have my daily tasks:  do my anki cards (kanji and the nihongoshark vocabulary deck), but what then?

What I have already done today is to use Memrise to review the vocabulary for 九課 (Chapter 9) and study the vocabulary for 十課.  If I already have the vocabulary for the next chapter down, I can dive right into the homework and, who knows, maybe even get to 十一課 next week.

When I reviewed the vocabulary from 九課. though (a little over 40 words) I missed two words, and that meant, after taking a little break, I had to run through the review cycle again – all the words.  That time I didn’t miss any.  Fine.

The next thing to do over the next couple of days is to review my homework and fix any errors that I find.  If, for example, I were to get all that done today (which, for a variety of reasons, is not likely) I would go ahead and start the homework from 十課, since I already have the vocabulary.

No off days.  If I get ahead of schedule, then I review.  I want to keep my brain in Japanese mode and keep making progress.  That daily consistency drives the entire process.  I don’t have to do a ton of work every day, but I have to do some work.





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