Sometimes It’s Like That

My brain apparently decided not to work today, and I was utterly baffled by something that should have been as clear as day to me. You have to be ready for times like that. I am going to embarrass myself by showing what tripped me up:


The point of this exercise is to decided whether to use かた which is “because” or to use が which is “but” and to finish off the sentences appropriately.  The finishing off the sentences part does not have you drawing from a particular set of words or phrases, either.  You can use any thought that you can form in Japanese and that you can make fit with the half of the sentence that is already there.

Numbers 1 and 2 were fine, and then I got to number 3 which is actually not hard, but my brain just wouldn’t work.

いつも   この   みせで   かいます。

Here’s what got me:  いつも is always.  Fine.  この is this when used as an adjective (as opposed to これ which would be this when used as a noun).  かいます is 買います which is buy.  What the heck is みせで?!!!

Here’s what’s ridiculous about it.  I know what it is.  It is a very familiar word, but my brain acted like it was a complete stranger.

みせ (or 店) is store or shop with で indicating that something is taking place at the store or shop.  I know this but I didn’t recognize it, and I was completely stumped.  I had to email my Cafetalk tutor and ask her what that piece of the sentence meant.

When I saw her answer:  I always shop at this store I had to laugh at myself.  Of course that’s what it means!  Why didn’t I know that?

The point, of course, is that I am still learning.  I have packed a lot of new information into my head in a relatively short time, and not everything is perfectly cataloged in my brain yet, which means that even stuff I think I know won’t always rise to the surface yet when I need it.

You just have to shake that kind of thing off and move on.

Now I can finish my homework!






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