Yes, Homework.

Now, if this isn’t cultural confusion, I don’t know what is: I am listening to The Bothy Band and studying some Japanese.

In order to finish my 宿題 (homework) for 七課 (chapter 7), I have to do the チエツクシート.

Meeting a loan word from English written in katakana is kind of like having a puzzle to do. If you know katakana, try to figure that one out. It’s kind of a toughie, though. In romaji it would chietsukushito.

Still tough, though, isn’t it? It is the Japanese version of ‘checksheet’, and there is one at the end of every chapter of みんなの日本語.

To be honest, it is sometime the hardest part of the homework, though you’d think it would be easy. You have sentences, and, at some point in the sentence you have to choose between two words. That does not sound tricky, but, believe me, it can be.  At least, it can for me!

Here, try one:


The second one is definitely に since it is a person to whom you give something. That one’s easy. (That self-confidence may well mean that I’m wrong, but I’m sticking with it.) The first one, though, I have to think about.

たんじょうび まで or たんじょうびに?


Well, and I’m not guaranteeing any of this is right, まで is used to mark the time at which something finishes. “The bank is open from (から) 9:00 until (まで) 5:00” or even just “The bank is open until(まで)5:00.  に is used, among lots of other things, to indicate a specific time…I get up at (に) 6:00 am. So…although I’m far from confident about this one, I’m going to go with に because “on her birthday” (たんじおうび) seems closer to a specific time than the time at which something finishes.

No worries. I have my Cafetalk lesson tomorrow, and 真紀さん will explain it to me.  I don’t mind getting things wrong because she has a way of correcting you that doesn’t make you feel bad for having made the mistake.  Besides, making mistakes helps you learn.  (I try to keep that in mind, because I make a lot of mistakes!)



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