Cafetalk Lesson #5

DISCLAIMER: I got one of the Cafetalk monitoring positions. I get five free online lessons over the course of the month of November, and, in return, all I have to do is rate the lessons and post it. I figured I might as well go whole hog and do a serious write up here.  This is the last of those five lessons.


If I have that right, it says that today on Cafetalk I studied Chapter 6 of Minna no Nihongo. I’m not quite sure about the particle で after Cafetalk, but I think it’s right. The sentence above was pretty much effortless, which shows that my lessons with Makisan are helping me out quite a lot. I really look forward to the lessons because we cover a lot of ground and they’re just so much fun.

The hard part comes when she asks me questions. We reviewed day in the life (一日) of a guy named タワボンさん (and I don’t know what kind of name that is) which was easy. I actually blogged about it a day or two ago, and I had a paragraph ready about what I did last Friday. Makisan, however, wanted to know what I did 昨日 (yesterday)! I had to answer that one off the top of my head with lots of hemming and hawing but getting there in the end.

If only every class I had ever taken had been as much fun as these Japanese lessons are…

I really can’t say enough how about how great a resource Cafetalk is. My Japanese would be so much worse than it is if not for these lessons. Having a chance to go over the homework, get corrections and ask questions is great, but getting to (attempt to) spontaneously converse is absolutely amazing.

Where I live, Japanese speakers are few and far between, and a native speakers so far impossible to find, but conversation is a close to indispensible aid in learning a language, but, thanks to Cafetalk, I’m getting that.


In my limited Japanese, what I’m trying to say is that, this week, I will study Chapter 7.  This chapter has a lot of words for me to learn, but, hey, Japanese is fun!



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