When Is That Again?

And I thought that telling time was rough!  Now I’m learning days of the month.  That’s worse.  My next Cafetalk lesson with Makisan is in a couple of days, and we will go over Chapter 4 (四課) of みんなの日本語 and, if there’s time, Chapter 5(五課).

Lots of days of the month have special names.  I was internally complaining about this until I considered English and tried to imagine a Japanese speaker trying to learn the days of the month in English.

One → First

Two → Second

Three → Third

Five → Fifth

Of course, I think the rest of them make perfect sense.

So, Japanese is still harder.

Have you looked at days of the month in Japanese?  There is often little connection between the number word and the word for that day of the month.  I’m not going to put a list here, just trust me, or, better yet, look them up.  Here. Let me help.

I am learning things that aren’t always fun to learn but are essential for daily use:  days of the week, months, telling time, etc.  These are things that, to be honest, I kind of skipped when over studying on my own, but thanks to having a tutor, I can’t get away with that anymore.

I haven’t posted a music video in a while, so here is the great Kayama Yuzo (加山 雄三) and Black Sand Beach.  No words, but a great example of eleki  music.  Enjoy.



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