My Japanese tutor on Cafetalk makes use of みんなの日本語 as her textbook of choice, and I am learning the vocabulary from Chapter 2.  I downloaded some flashcards from Quizlet and had been using StickyStudy to go over them, when it occurred to me that Memrise might have some lessons i could use, and, sure enough, they do.

Someone has set up a course with most of the vocabulary from みんなの日本語 book 1, all 25 chapters.

If you haven’t used Memrise, you should check it out.  They have a lot of ただ (free – our favorite word here) options.

For example, the course I am doing – you see (and hear, though it is a robot voice) each word, and you get multiple choice quizzes – see the word in Kana and click on the English, hear the word and click on the English, see the word in English and click on the Kana, see the word written and listen to three words spoken and pick the right one, and, finally, hear (or see) the word in English and type the Kana.  Whew.  It also brings back words for review.  Pretty cool, really, and the variety of ways you get quizzed on the words helps keep it interesting.

Now, in addition to all this, I am continuing to review the Kanji and to go through the Nihongoshark vocabulary deck.  Yes, that does sound like a lot of work, but, here’s the thing.  Sometimes, if you take a class, your focus is on the grade – doing well on the test.  I don’t have that.  My focus is on gaining facility with the language.  When you add in a certain degree of impatience, I am willing to put in some work to get where I want to go.  it doesn’t dominate my life, but I still work on it every day.

I had looked at Memrise before and liked it, but, with all the tools I’m using now, I had forgotten about it.  I was glad to get the reminder courtesy of the interweb thingy.  It schedules reviews for you, so we get the old SRS thing which we love.

My next Japanese lesson on Cafetalk is tomorrow, and it will be an hour long lesson.  I’m looking forward to it.  (Hey, since I’m getting a handful of free lessons courtesy of Cafetalk, I might as well make them long ones, right?)



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