Well, I had a couple of Cafetalk lessons, and I felt like they were doing me some good, but then my tutor had some health issues and is currently unavailable, so I have been going through the process of finding a new tutor.  More on that later.

Cafetalk is asking people to apply for monitor positions. They will take up to 30. You will get five free lessons, and all you have to do is give them feedback on the lessons and post it to their social media group. Go there and check it out. I’m hoping to get one myself, but the window on applying closes on November 9,  so don’t wait to apply.

UPDATE:  Cafetalk has already selected me to be a monitor!  Wow!  I get five lesson vouchers (called “tickets”) and can spend up to 2500 points on any one lesson, and that gives me a lot of freedom of choice, because nearly every lesson is under that limit!  I only get a month to use all five vouchers, but that’s a lesson a week plus one extra.  In return, I have to leave feedback with Cafetalk about the lesson.  I might as well kill two birds with one stone (not that I have anything against birds) and leave detailed feedback here on the blog as well.

I have selected a tutor and signed up first for a “counseling” session, which is basically a fifteen minute intro to find out where I’m at and what I need.  I did not use a ticket for that, since it only cost 300 points, which is around $2.50.  I’m saving the free ones for longer (and therefore more expensive)  lessons.  The tutor I selected has a 50 minute lesson for 1500 points, and that will probably be my next stop if the counseling session goes well.  I actually had it narrowed down to two tutors to start with, but one of them has time slots available that work better for me, so that was the decider.

For whatever reason, most of the tutors are women.  I do want to make sure to have at least one lesson with a male tutor, since there are gender specific things about Japanese – words that guys tend to use vs. words that the ladies tend to use.

I’ll let you know how it goes.



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