Easy Reading about Dogs – Meet Belle and Daisy – Yes, 日本語で

032こちらはBelleとDaisy。  犬です.  Belleは黒いです。  Daisyは茶色と黒いと白いです。

Belleは大きいですけどDaisyは小さいです。  Daisyは寝ます。  Belleは十二さいです。

Daisyは二さいです。 ずっとDaisyは遊びます。  今Daisyは寝ます。  とてもいいです!


For the sake of simplicity, I have not tried to write the dogs’ names in katakana, and I have put in spaces and punctuation.  As always, given my beginner status, I make no claims that these sentences are right, but here’s what I meant to say:

こちらはBelleとDaisy。 This is Belle and Daisy.  I have used こちら as I would do if I were introducing you to someone standing there.  Maybe that isn’t right in this circumstance, I don’t know.

犬です.   They are dogs.  Yes, I know you can see that they are dogs, but if an obvious sentence gives me a chance to try out a little Japanese, I’m good with that.

Belleは黒いです。  Belle is black.

Daisyは茶色と黒いと白いです。  Daisy is brown and black and white.  Yes, this is kind of like reading a children’s book, so more power to you if you haven’t dropped out from sheer boredom and are still with me.

Belleは大きいですけどDaisyは小さいです。  Belle is big and Daisy is small.  Welcome to Sesame Street, everyone.  I don’t know if I have connected those two thoughts correctly.

Daisyは寝ます。 Daisy is sleeping.

Belleは十二さいです。  Belle is 12 years old.

Daisyは二さいです。  Daisy is two years old.

ずっとDaisyは遊びます。 Daisy plays all the time.  Yes, I’m getting a little more adventurous with my sentences there.  You have a lot more opportunities to make mistakes that way.  It’s good for you.

今Daisyは寝ます。  Now, Daisy is sleeping.  Yes, I know I said that already, but, since this read like a children’s book, I might as well toss in a little repetition, eh?

いいですね!  That is good.

今私の家は静かです!  Now, my house is quiet.  Mind you, I’m not sure this is how one would express that thought in Japanese.  Of course, what I mean is that it is quiet in the house…

When you are at my level of Japanese, you wouldn’t believe how difficult coming up with these sentences it.  Mind you, it is also amazingly helpful.  Try it yourself.



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