It Was Bound to Happen Eventually…

And, it finally did happen…I did NOT make my study goals yesterday.  In fact, I was waaaaaaay off.  I did get my kanji reviews done.  I started to review the vocabulary and was about halfway through it when a computer snafu undid all of my work.  Argh!  And, I had unwisely left my studying until late that evening…so the end result was that I didn’t finish reviewing the vocabulary and I didn’t study any new vocabulary, and I also never got around to listening to an audio lesson.

In other words, I really didn’t study much Japanese at all yesterday.

And…the world did not end.

As of this morning, I have already listened to a couple of audio lessons, I have already reviewed the Kanji, I have already reviewed the vocabulary, and I have started on the new vocabulary.

Today, having an unexpected day off work, I am going to start taking a look at the Japanese Reader Collection:  Volume 1 by Clay and Yumi Boutwell.  It is children’s stories, I believe in simplified form, in Kanji with translations after the Kanji.  Maybe I know enough Kanji and grammar by now to make some sense of it, but, then again, maybe not!  It’s worth a look to find out, though.

So, daily consistency is IMPORTANT, but, missing a day now and then won’t kill you, won’t totally derail your studies and won’t cause the end of the world.  Good to know.


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