I’m in Trouble Today…

It is 1:00 in the afternoon, and how much studying have I done today?  Just about none.  I’ll listen to an audio lesson on the way home from work later on, but I haven’t looked at my Kanji or my vocabulary cards on Anki.


Hopefully, I’ll manage to get them in later, but it has been an eventful day.

I did have a skype lesson through Cafetalk with とも先生 and we are going to come up with an organized study plan for me.  Yes, I have learned lots of Kanji, and I have even at least been exposed to lots of words, but…something is lacking.  I need some coherence, basically.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping to get my studying in later.  Of course, I am also hoping to take advantage of an unexpectedly nice day and get my bicycle out for a ride later on, as well, and, I might as well admit it, if push comes to shove, the bicycle will win today.   Still, I am hopeful that I can carve out some time for Japanese, too.

Life gets in the way, sometimes, doesn’t it?



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