It has been a crazy couple of days, and, to be honest, I really don’t know how I managed to get my studying in, but I did.  I’m thinking it won’t be so difficult for the next couple of days, since there won’t be much else to do.  We are supposed to get something like 7-10 inches of rain, so going outside won’t really be an option.  Of course, if we lose power, that could be a problem…

As always, task number one on any give day is to review the Kanji, and the number of review cards is still heading downward.  Today it was less than 70, and some of the Kanji are not slated to show up again for 5 months!  Anki is really convinced that I know some of them very well.  I don’t put the anki image from the Kanji deck up very often anymore, but it is still getting better and better.

anki-stats-2015-10-02@10-52-05Look at that!  79% mature!  That is consistency paying off.  I only started the Kanji about 3 and a half months ago, and look where I am now!  Also, as I dig into vocabulary, a fun thing is happening.  For example, one of my review Kanji today was 長 which, according to Hesig, is “long”.  When I saw it, I immediately thought “long” but, at just about the same time, I also thought 長い (ながい) which is how you say “long” in Japanese.  In other words, more and more of the Kanji are getting solidly connected to Japanese words and not just to English words.  すごい!

Just for comparison, purposes, here’s the vocabulary deck:

anki-stats-2015-10-02@10-57-17Let’s see where we’re at here.  Mature:  59    Young+Learn:  529     Unseen:  3404

Okay, so I have a little way to go with this deck!  In fact, it is probably longer than it looks, because I am putting more stress on reading and that is slowing me down, but it will pay off in the end.  When i got to a certain point in studying the Kanji, I began using very short term goals to keep myself motivated, but I’m not really at that point with the vocabulary yet.  Those numbers don’t really lend themselves to any good very short term goals, anyway.  For now, it is just keep on keeping on and take delight in the little surprises, like the Japanese meaning of a Kanji popping into my head.

The vocabulary deck is divided into 10 sections, and plowing steadily through Anki has already gotten me into section 2.  One more sign of progress.  I am honestly amazed at each new sign of progress, but I shouldn’t be.  That is just the consistency continuing to pay off.

Oh, and 漢字 was one of my recent vocabulary words:  In case you haven’t seen this one before, 漢 means “sino” as in “having to do with China” and 字 means “character”, so 漢字 means chinese character and, of course, is how your write the word “Kanji” in Japanese, so now we know the Kanji for Kanji.  Cool, huh?

The more I learn about Japanese and the more Japanese I learn, the more interesting it gets.



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