I’m tired of studying!  I’m sick of Japanese!  So much grammar, so many words…it’s a mountain to climb; it’s an ocean to cross; it’s a whole world to circle around and it’s SO MUCH WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry.  I had to get that out of my system.  I’ve been a little sick the last couple of days, and studying has not come easily.  I normally study in the morning, and I finished up my studying yesterday at about 9:00pm.

I’m not actually sick of Japanese, or even of studying, because I can see that I’m making progress, but sometimes it just seems like so much to learn that I still wonder if I can ever do it.  In fact, I’ve reviewed the Kanji and vocabulary today and gone through the new vocabulary cards and done my audio lesson and studied a little grammar, so I’ve met all my goals.

I’ve also constructed some brand new sentences…such as おなかがちょっと気持ち悪いですwhich, if I have learned my lessons well, should translate as something like “my stomach feels a little bad”.  (And, yes, I know that I didn’t actually include 私の (my) in the sentence, but that’s okay.  I believe that would be understood by the listener and can therefore be left out.)

Now, the really cool thing about this is that, whether or not this sentence is totally correct, I am confident, okay, well, I think it reasonable, that a Japanese speaker would at least know what I mean to say…I would be able to communicate, which is the point, after all, and this sentence is one that I have never seen before but was able to construct based on stuff that I’ve learned.

すごいですね! (Cool, right?)

The big secret is that, some days, I really don’t feel much like studying.  I am not a machine.  Yes, Japanese is very cool and very interesting and I do want to learn it.  Yes, I do actually study every day (so far!) but that doesn’t mean that, every single day, I really feel like studying.  Some days I’m busy or tired or sick.   In other words, human.  Some days studying is like jumping into cold water.  It’s fine after you’ve been in for a minute or two, but making yourself take that first leap can be hard.



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