Practicing Adjectives

I need practice.

I need practice conversing, which I am getting through Cafetalk.

I need practice with adjectives, which I am getting by making up my own exercises.

I need practice with verb conjugations, which I am not really getting enough of.

Let’s talk adjectives:

Human Japanese chapters 34 and 35 are jam packed with adjectives, so I took those and made some flashcard with quizlet. I ended up with 55 cards, which, to my mind, is too many for one set, so I broke it up into two sets. One side of the card has the word in Japanese and in English. The other side of the card has a picture that represents what the word means.

So for example, the first side of the card shows something like this:


And the other side of the card says:

すごい (cool, incredible, awesome)


ugly dog

And the other side of the card says:

醜い (ugly)

And so on.

I dropped those cards into StickyStudy and I was in business.

Originally, I put the Japanese on one side and the English on the other, but that way I was learning to translate Japanese words into English, which is not what I want.  Doing it this way, with pictures, I am learning to link the Japanese word with the concept that it represents instead of the English translation.  Yeah, creating these cards took a little time, but I did 50 or so cards in under and hour, so it didn’t really take that much time.

This flashcard deck gets the adjectives into my head.  The next step will be to run through the cards and make positive and negative sentences with the adjectives or to pick whichever two adjectives pop up one after the other (which is somewhat random) and try to string them together before a noun so that I have to practice connecting them.

On and on we go.


 For no reason at all, here’s another song:


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