My First Full Length Skype Lesson

Today was an hour long skype lesson through Cafetalk.  I have a very good teacher.  The lessons are fun and interesting (or, as I now know how to say 楽しくて 面白い …at least, I hope that’s how you say it…I think I need to study some more).

Here’s what I learned:

The two types of adjectives, plus the Japanese word for adjective – the somewhat scary looking 形容詞 (pronounced けいようし) how to make different kinds of adjectives negative, how to string adjectives together (since, in fact, you can’t just put them all in a row as in English – you have to connect them a certain way depending on which type of adjective you’re using) and the difference between an adjective which is directly before the noun it modifies and an adjective which has been separated from the noun it modifies.  Whew!  Now that I look at it, that’s a lot of stuff for one lesson!  Now it’s practice time!

The Cafetalk lessons are really good.  I highly recommend them,  I know some random Japanese words, so most of my sentences have a lot of English in them with some Japanese thrown in here and there where I can, and that’s okay.  Getting a chance to have the language in your ears and in your mouth is absolutely necessary if you really want to learn.  I am looking at doing an hour long lesson every week.

Here’s one more link to my 先生,  (先生 = せんせい = teacher)  The lessons are relaxed and fun.  She is very encouraging.  When you are stumbling your way through the language like I am right now, that’s a great thing.

The downside for today is that I haven’t done my regular studying yet, because it has been a busy morning, so I need to find a way to squeeze my flashcard reviews into the rest of my day somehow.  Wish me luck with that.

If you haven’t signed up for a skype lesson yet, have a go at it.  it might embarrass you or make you nervous, but it will do you good.  If you want to learn a language, you have to try to speak the language.  That seem pretty basic, but I think it’s the step that most people avoid for fear of making mistakes.  Well, you are going to make mistakes, but you can’t die of embarrassment.  Accept it and move on.  Each mistake is a chance to learn more, so mistakes are actually aids to learning.  Every mistake you make will help you speak Japanese better in the future.



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