Learning The Kanji – Update

I am in Phase 3 now, so I am focusing on grammar, vocabulary and speaking, but that doesn’t mean that I am done with the Kanji.  Step 1 every day is to review the Kanji.  Just to show you,  here is where I was at the official end of Phase 2:

anki-stats-2015-09-12@08-45-15And here is where I am now:

anki-stats-2015-09-18@12-24-26On and on we go.  Keeping up with the Kanji is extremely important, and it has to be done every day.   I know I harp on that every day thing, but I really can’t over stress how important that consistency is to your overall success.

Look, there are some days when I don’t really want to jam more stuff into my head.  Even on those days, I must do my reviews at the very least.  If possible, I should do my new Kanji or vocabulary, too, but the reviews are a must.

I think that more people fail at learning a language because they take time off than for any other reason.  You’d be surprised how easy it is for one day to turn into two and for two to run into three and, suddenly, a week has gone by.  Your motivation is down, you’ve forgotten some things, and you’re buried under Anki avalanche.  Then you might quit entirely or take an extended period off so that you almost have to start over…don’t let that happen.  Do your reviews at the very least.  That way your aren’t taking any steps backward.   Just make it part of your routine.

I hadn’t actually intended to write a sermon here, just to give an update, but I’m kind of tired and didn’t really feel like studying today, so I to motivate myself.



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