I Took the Big Step

I made contact with a tutor on Cafetalk and have requested a Skype lesson!  This will be to assess my level of Japanese (looooowwww) and to figure out what to do in future lessons, as well as to see if this is the tutor for me.  I’ll be honest, I picked this tutor because the cost of her lessons is low.  Then she had a coupon, so the first lesson is actually free, but her one hour lesson costs less than 8 dollars, which is a price I can work with.

We talked by messaging so that she could have some idea where to start, so here I am committed to attempting a conversation in Japanese about movies.  Scary.  I think I might bone up on a little selective vocabulary ahead of time.

Once you select a lesson (I picked, at the tutor’s suggestion, the 30 minute beginner lesson), you are taken to a calendar which shows when the tutor is available, and you pick 3 time slots in order of preference, then the tutor has to confirm before the appointment is official.  If you cancel close to the time of the appointment (how close depends on the tutor) you will have to pay some or all of the lesson fee, anyway.

I actually signed up for two possible slots tomorrow night with my third choice being early the day after tomorrow.  With the tutor living in Japan and me in the U.S., the time choices are all either late or very early for me, as you can imagine.

I haven’t really done much with Skype, but we’ll see how it goes.  I do plan to download some software which will let me record the conversation so I can play it back for study purposes after the fact.

Am I nervous?  You bet!

Am I going to go through with it?  You bet!

Edit – My online lesson has now been confirmed by the tutor, so we are a go.  24 hours to not be nervous about trying to use what little Japanese I know!


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