Kanji Day 87 – Oops!

And Anki says:

anki-stats-2015-09-11@12-00-23I am laughing at myself right now.  I started studying on a PC and then had to stop for awhile and change locations, so I decided to finish on my tablet.  And that’s when I made my oops.  I must have hit the custom study button without realizing it, and I increased my number of new cards today by 10.  I hadn’t finished studying my 22 for the day, so I just kept on going.

So I should have had 40 “unseen” left after I finished studying, but I only have 30 left.  So tomorrow I have to make a decision…after I do my 22 for the day, there will only be 8 cards left.  Do I add them on and finish tomorrow or do I put those 8 off until the next day?

Wisdom tells me I should let those 8 wait until the next day, but do I have the patience to do that?  Only time will tell, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

By the way, some of these last Kanji are signs of the Zodiac.  “Sign of the Dragon” and “Sign of the Tiger” which is so close to “eye of the tiger” that I keep hearing that song in my head.  Good thing it’s a motivational song.  Is it stuck in your head now?  Sorry about that.  Try listening to it and maybe that’ll get it out.

Anyway, I’m thinking, especially since tomorrow is Saturday and I will have some extra time, that I’ll be finishing Phase 2 tomorrow, which is just nuts.  I’m a little excited about this.

Wish me luck.



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