Kanji Day 86 – 寝ます

And Anki says:

anki-stats-2015-09-10@08-32-50And today was a very hard day for studying  because I am mostly asleep.  I looked at my first review Kanji this morning, and I would have sworn that I  had never seen it before in my life.  Then I looked at the answer.  Oof.  Second Kanji, I knew in a foggy sort of way that I had seen it, but I didn’t know what it meant.  Oh, boy.  I stepped away from studying, took a shower, had my breakfast and then went back to it.  At that point, at least I was starting to recognize them again, but it was still quite a long slog through my review.  Getting enough sleep kind of matters for this stuff!

I could have put my studying off until later in the hopes that I would be more awake, but the rest of the day is going to be pretty crowded, so i really needed to push on through them this morning to guarantee that I got them done.  I even did the new Kanji for today…but tomorrow will show if any of them really stuck at all.

Even on the hard days, you have to get through your review stuff.

Now, about the extra stuff for today…you know, listening, grammar, vocabulary…those are not on the “must do” list, and who knows if I’m going to get to them or not.  The great thing is, if I don’t get to them, it’s okay.  I got my “must do” Japanese done today, so I’m still on track.  Gotta keep that study chain going.

I signed up for Cafetalk and for Italki for some talking practice.  I haven’t used either one yet, so I don’t know which one I prefer, but Cafetalk just gave me 1000 free points for taking a survey, and that’s enough for a half hour or even an hour lesson, depending on who your teacher is, so I’m thinking I’ll be trying Cafetalk first.  Free is good.

Hang in there, everyone!



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