Kanji Day 82 – hard hard hard, or, if you prefer, 難しい – but just 1 week to go!

Kanji Day 82:

anki-stats-2015-09-06@11-30-11Three goals met in one day!  “Mature” is over 1300 and at 60% and “unseen” is down to 150, but this set of characters was difficult!

To make sure you follow this, let me explain the Heisig method.  He groups the Kanji together based on the primitives (building blocks) they are made of.

So, for example, in the same lesson you get:

帥 which means “military commander” and which contains two primitives (maestro and towel) which we have seen previously and which help us to construct a story that will help us to remember the meaning of the character


師 which means “expert” and which contains three primitives (maestro, towel, and this time the towel is hanging from a ceiling)

The point is that both of these Kanji are made up of parts that you already recognize by the time you get to this point, so, instead of being a nonsensical scramble of lines, each one is just a combination of already familiar pieces.

Unfortunately, some lessons are harder than others.  For example, there are so many Kanji that use the building block “thread” that I think it took me three days to get through them all.

Today’s lesson was really difficult because, instead of being a collection of Kanji all using the same or similar primitives, what I got was a collection of Kanji that had very little in common with each other, and that made it harder to learn them because they weren’t a unified set.

Well, that’s actually a good sign.  Good old Heisig has reached the point where he is filling in the cracks.  I suppose that he had already done most of the good groups and I am getting to the scraps that didn’t really seem to fit any group.

Honestly, though, even though some lessons are harder than others, Anki works like a charm.  I just get up and work through my flashcards every day, and, almost like magic, the information gets in my head and mostly sticks.  And the cards that don’t stick at first will stick because Anki makes sure that I see them  more often.

And now here I am at the 7 days to go mark!  Woohoo!

Next very short term goals:  Get “unseen” to 5%, get “unseen” to 100.   Then get “unseen” to a two digit number!  I am closing in on Phase 3!



2 thoughts on “Kanji Day 82 – hard hard hard, or, if you prefer, 難しい – but just 1 week to go!

  1. I just discovered your blog through Nihongo Shark’s blog. I’m also applying his method and I started back in April. I had to stop for one month because of vacations without a computer and starting again was difficult. Also, I’m only adding 11 new cards each day because I’m doing the “Kanji Damage” deck in parallel because its definition are a little bit better than the ones from Heisig. I’m curious about your other Anki statistics and I would like to compare them to mine. For example, my review accuracy is usually just a little bit over 80%. What about you ? Could you share your whole Anki stats in a future blog post ?
    I still have 986 unseen cards so at my rate I should finish in about 90 days…
    Thanks for your blog, its nice to see other people doing it !


    • It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? The best number of cards per day is the number that works for you. I will post my whole set of Anki stats after I do my studying for today. It must have been hard picking up after a month off but sometimes that sort of thing is unavoidable. As I’m sure you know by now, though, the task is not insurmountable. You just have to set your pace and keep plodding along. Hang in there.


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