Kanji Day 81

Oh, my wife and I went to a concert  – Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire in case you’re wondering – and we got home very late.  That means that I crawled out of bed pretty bleary eyed and foggy headed today after not enough sleep.  Not ideal studying conditions, but I studied anyway.  After going 80 days straight, I was not going to miss a day!

So, here we are:


Oh, look.  I figured out how to make images bigger!

As you can see, “unseen” is down to 8%.  That puts me just over a week away from finishing Phase 2 and moving on to Phase 3!

One of my goals was to get “mature” to 1300.   I didn’t quite make that, darn it!  But that’s okay.  I’m thinking I”ll hit that one tomorrow.  And, if you can get two goals for the price of one, why not?  So another goal is to get “mature” to 60%.  Also, I’ll shoot for getting “unseen” down to 150.  (My minimum number of new cards per day is 22, and I’m 23 away from that goal, so I may just have to add in an extra card tomorrow!)

For quite some time, I added in a few extra cards most days, which I why I am ahead of schedule, but, lately, with the end of Phase 2 very much in site, I haven’t added in very many extra cards.  With the end of Phase 2 so close, I don’t want to fall into the trap of getting impatient and trying to rush it.

Once I got a copy of the Heisig Book, when I finished my 22 cards for the day, I would look in the book to see where I was, and if there were just a few more Kanji coming up that used the same primitives (building blocks) I would go ahead and include them in my daily quota because I felt it made learning them easier.  I am actually still doing that, but only if there are just one or two more in the set.  If there are more than that, I go ahead and leave them until the next day.

Especially today.  The kanji today had very similar meanings – boat, liner, ship, carrier, warship…they were easy for a fuzzy headed guy to mix up.  I made it through my quota today so I could put a blue X on my calendar (if you’re working through the Hacking Japanese Supercourse you know what I’m talking about) but I didn’t add any extra cards on today!

Having a good time is great, but it isn’t going to get in the way of the study plan.



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