Kanji Day 80

Here is where I am now:


Check it out:

“Unseen” is now in single digits as far as percent goes!  “Unseen” is below 200!  That’s pretty exciting to me.

Here are my next goals:

Get “mature” to 1300, get “mature” to 60%, get “unseen” to 150.

The thing about this method is that, if you simply set and meet a daily goal, you get where you’re going.  Honestly, there are lots of days where it doesn’t really feel like studying.  I find myself a quiet place, I turn on some tunes and I fire up Anki.

It must be admitted, however, that there are days when my schedule gets destroyed, when I can’t get to that quiet place, when I have to study piecemeal instead of all at one sitting, and those days it does feel like studying.

Here’s what works best when that happens:

Do your review cards.  This always comes first.  If you have to do 10 minutes here and ten minutes there, fine.  Do that.

Do you new cards.  If you have to do ten minutes here and the minutes there, then don’t advance any of the cards to the next day.  Always hit 1 min or 10 min, whichever shows up, and keep doing that until you have at least seen all of that day’s cards.  Don’t start advancing any of the cards to the next day until you have at least seen the whole set.  At least for rme, when I have to do it piecemeal instead of in one sitting, they seem to stick better if I at least set it up so that I go through the whole set at the end.

Today was very much one of those days.

In fact, out of the last seven, at least four have been days like that.  This has not been a good study week in the sense that not too many days went the way that I like them to.  On the other hand, I hit my goals every day, so, in that sense, it was a good study week.



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